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5 benefits of standing desks for students and teachers in the classroom

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Standing desks are catching on with modern office spaces because of their many health and productivity benefits. If a simple change in work setup does wonders for corporations, imagine what it can do for schools, colleges and universities.  Here are a few benefits of standing desks in education: 1. Encourages better health habits 2. Increased […]

How do sit-stand desks work and which type should I buy?

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So, how do standing desks work? Standing desks, as the name implies, are desks where you can work while standing up. This means that the height of these desks are taller than the usual desks designed to be used while sitting. These desks have been around since the late 1400s but as more work rolled […]

7 Benefits of Using A Standing Desk for Health and Productivity in 2021

Are standing desks good for you and your health? Standing desks are a type of office furniture that allows you to work while standing up instead of sitting down on an office chair. Despite being a simple lifestyle adjustment, studies claim that standing desks have many health benefits such as losing weight, reducing back pain, […]