Gaming Desk Setups – The Best of 2022

Gaming Desk Setup

Last Updated on 9 June 2022 by Sarah Dunes

The best gaming setup is the one that excites you and reflects you in the best way. Be it small or big, you can work with any type of space to build your dream gaming desk setup as long as you’ve got the creativity and passion to put together all the unique components.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration to build your dream gaming desk setup or just want to upgrade your existing gaming station, the setups on our list are definitely worth checking out. 

We won’t dive deeper into the specifications or technical aspects of a gaming setup, instead, we want you to take notes and get motivated to create the perfect gaming corner, just like you want. 

Our 10 Favourite Gaming Desk Setups of 2022

From aesthetically pleasing to highly functional, we’ve included 10 of the best gaming setups of 2022.

1. Loc’s Breathtaking “ROG Man Cave”

If you’ve got an entire room for gaming, you can turn it into a gamer’s man cave, just like this one! The red and grey theme gaming setup definitely make it stand out. No wonder, it took almost three years for Vinh Loc to create this fabulous gaming room. On top of that, Loc proves his love for ROG (Republic of Gamers, a gaming product-line by ASUS) by filling his entire man cave with ROG products. Loc has paid attention to details and has maintained the theme among all his gaming parts. The single curved monitor instead of a multiple monitor setup complements the standard sized desk.

Loc's Breathtaking ROG Man Cave

2. Maccagames’ L-shaped Gaming Desk


Imagine sipping coffee in front of this cool gaming setup! The Brazilian father spends most of his time in his game room and we know that every game lover would do the same!

With the dual monitors, a large L-shaped gaming desk, gigantic screen, steering wheel, gaming console, there’s so much to do in this incredible gaming setup!

The L-shaped gaming desk allows the gamer to dedicate an entire part of a room to just gaming which is why it’s our favourite.


3. JulianBright’s Artistic Gaming Setup

JulianBright’s Aesthetic Gaming Setup

What if your dorm room looked like this? We bet you’d want to stay at your desk all day; To study! Julian has blended art with gaming, the reason why it appears so aesthetic and soothing to the eyes. He has spent more than $10,000 to build this beautiful gaming setup.

The triple monitor is a staple for all gaming addicts so if you’re looking to build something similar to Julian’s pc gaming desk, you’ve found a guide to get started! We can’t get over the headphone stand that looks like it belongs to a museum. 

  • Instagram: jbright
  • Reddit: JulianBright


4. IKEA Gaming Desk Setup for Small Bedroom

IKEA Gaming Desk Setup for Small Bedroom

Benjamin from ScorpioTech has made the best use of a small space and has turned the room into a gamer’s dream come true! By utilizing every wall/corner of his room, Benjamin has proved how creativity can work out even in challenging spaces.

He skillfully added a true gaming vibe to the Ikea gaming desk setup by adding RGB strips, an essential accessory to highlight a small room gaming setup. The large LED tv screen by the bed adds more to the fun. Overall, it’s our favourite small gaming room setup so far!


5. Epystech’s Extraordinary Gaming Setup

Epystech’s Extraordinary Gaming Setup

A gaming setup like no other! This magnificent gaming desk setup is to die for! True to its title, Epystech’s “Setup of the Gods” is absolutely extraordinary.

Along with 4 monitors, a roll-down projection screen and excellent interior touch, we can only imagine how a gamer would feel to own this setup.

The ambient lighting plays a vital role in highlighting the key components of this gaming setup. Adding to that, a spacious desktop is all the more fun to have!

6. Creative Gaming Desk Setup by Designs By IFR

Creative Gaming Desk Setup by Designs By IFR

Corey, a custom PC enthusiast and owner of a popular Youtube channel, Designs by IFR, has built his own gaming setup that looks breathtaking. We love the approach of lighting here, instead of the use of RGB strips. Many gamers don’t prefer vertical monitors but streamers find them handy and useful. The epoxy tabletop looks fantastic compared to plain white desks if you’re looking for something unique. This gaming station will keep the player glued to the desk.




7. A Dream Gaming Station by TechSource

A Dream Gaming Station by TechSource This gaming setup by TechSource deserves first place in our opinion, simply because of how amazing it looks! It is everything a gamer could ask for.

The floating shelf of anime figurines adds a touch of personality to the space. The owner has beautifully blended white desks and accessories with bright RGB colours. A designed gaming pad makes the setup even more aesthetic.

8. A Futuristic Gaming Setup by Randomfrankp

A Futuristic Gaming Setup by Randomfrankp

There’s no denying that this futuristic gaming setup is on another level. From an extraordinary gaming chair, to triple large monitors, inviting a gamer to start playing right away, this is the perfect gaming corner for every gaming enthusiast. Randomfrankp is a popular YouTube channel, also the reason how the owner was able to invest in such a splendid design but you could definitely take inspiration to build your gaming corner with a white theme in mind.

9. A Minimalist Gaming Setup

A Minimalist Gaming Setup A work/gaming setup is like having the best of both worlds. Especially for those who work from home or are self-employed. This minimalist duo setup by u/deej_is_typing from Reddit can be the best match for gamers looking to get the most out of their gaming desk setup.

In such a case, choosing a highly functional desk is significant, as sitting for a long time can hurt your back.

Opt for a gaming standing desk to make sure your health does not suffer from your lifestyle. A functional desk can be transformed into a standing one whenever you need it to.

10. Laptop Gaming Setup

Laptop Gaming Setup

Who said you can’t build a gaming setup with a laptop? The above minimalist setup is an excellent inspiration for beginners.

A combination of a white desk and a large black gaming pad ties everything together for this laptop gaming setup. You can add a plant pot, and a strip of RGB lighting to enhance the overall appearance. 

Image Credits to Reddit User u/sang_ah_lang



How to Setup Gaming Desks

Building your gaming setup begins with determining your purpose. Are you dipping your toes into the world of gaming or are you a professional gamer, looking to build the gaming station of your dreams? 

Our advice to beginners would be to not feel overwhelmed right away. All the gaming setups mentioned in our list were not built in a day, in fact, some even took years! Consistent efforts will help you put together all the right pieces required for your dream gaming setup. As for pro gamers, you’ll need to invest in processors, motherboard, graphics card, RAM, storage device, power supply, monitor and the list goes on.

Needless to say, a large/spacious gaming desk is the most crucial part of a gaming setup. It determines how your overall gaming setup appears. A gaming desk is much more than a piece of large wood standing on four legs. Your entire game setup revolves around how you place your accessories and devices on the desk. Hence, spending a little extra to get the most customizable, cool and functional desk is really worth it.

Comfort is a priority in all cases which is why investing in a high-quality gaming chair is a must. 

The functionality holds a prime position, so make sure you have a gaming PC that caters to your needs. You can choose to have multiple monitors, large LED Tv screens or one curved gaming monitor, all depending on your preference. 

A Few Tips To Enhance Your Gaming Setup

  • Pick a theme for your gaming setup and stick to it. The theme can act as a guideline, determining the colours and design of all other accessories and pieces you add to the setup. However, don’t hesitate to add a little personality.
  • As you have seen in almost all gaming setups, lighting plays a vital role in creating a gaming vibe and ambience to your setup. RGB strips and similar lighting equipment are staples for every gaming room.  
  • Pay attention to keeping your gaming desk organized and clutter-free. Try to come up with smart ways to hide the ugly cables.


What do I need for a gaming desk setup?

Ans: Along with a gaming PC / laptop, you’ll also need a gaming desk, ergonomic gaming chair, monitors, keyboard, mouse, headset, and speakers. Additional gaming accessories include a wide gaming pad, cooling pad, webcam, lighting equipment, etc.

Is a 55-inch desk good for gaming?

Ans: Yes, a 55-inch desk is sufficient space for a gaming station. 

How much is a gaming desk?

Ans: The price of a gaming desk can vary, depending on the quality, functionality and other features. Usually, a gaming desk can cost around $100 – $1000 and some can be even more expensive.

How long should a desk be for 3 monitors?

Ans: Usually, a 55″ width and a 35″ depth sized desk will easily accommodate 3 monitors. 

What desk does PewDiePie have?

Ans: Popular YouTube gamer PewDiePie has a multi-functional desk – Humanscale desk with a float table base, that can be transformed into a standing desk when needed.