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Stand up desks at unbeatable prices

We sell incredible standing desks at prices that make our competitors fear us. Our 100% digital, efficient processes enable us to source products directly from the factory and deliver them to consumers whilst cutting out the middleman. We’re able to pass on these great savings to the customer. In short, we’re disrupting the industry. 


“Many of your competitors are selling standing desks at 2-4 times the price. So there must be something wrong with your desks, right?”


NO. A few big players have ruled this space for a long time, and have been able to charge what they like for standing and height adjustable desks. We came along with a simple strategy, to supply great quality products to our customers, at a fraction of the price, without cutting any corners. With us you will always get:

  • Free and fast delivery from our UK warehouse.
  • 5 year warranty on all desks. Just showing you how confident we are in the quality of our products.
  • Amazing customer service, super responsive, 5* Trustpilot rated customer help desk who genuinely care. Every customer matters. Check out our reviews and see it for yourself!
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Oh... and did we mention that our desks have all the quality, functionality and more, that's offered from our competitors?

Height adjustable desks are perfect for home working

If you've got as far as reading this paragraph, then you're proabably already having some concerns about your health and productivity with you current setup. It's particularly important for home workers to consider their working environment for hazards which could affect your long term health. Sit-stand desks allow you to adjust your position throughout the day and ensure that your body is not held idle for too long.

With the rise of home working, more and more people are realising that their home office setup is not suitable for long term use and a height adjustable desk could be a welcome addition which your body will thank you for in the long run. If you're sitting down all day and craning your neck to work on a laptop, you could benefit by elevating your worktop to a standing position using a height adjustable desk.

Our research backed blog posts will help you to learn more about the many benefits of standing desks:

What is a sit-stand height adjustable desk?

Height adjustable, or standing / seating desks are a great way to improve your productivity in your home office environment. Our range of height adjustable desks are designed for ergonomic use and allow the user to easily change the working desktop height for comfort and flexibility. Whether you're using your desk for handwriting, typing or artwork, our EZ Desk range will help you to look after your body after a long day at work. A standing desk allows you to stretch your body, elongate your back and neck for improved posture during long hours working in front of a computer screen.

What about electric desks?

Electric height adjustable desks such as the EZ Desk range from EZ Shopper are designed with a quiet operation electric motor which allows swift and easy adjustment to the desktop height. Electric height adjustable desks are typically able to move in small increments and some models including our EZ Desk come with memory functions which allows the user to setup the desk for multiple users or working positions. 

Check out our range of electric desks at EZ Shopper.

Standing desks, sit stand desks, stand up desks... What's the difference?

Put simply, there isn't a difference! They're different terms for describing the same products and are often used interchangeably. There are different categories of each of the above products, including manual or electric height adjustable, with the former requiring manual cranking to achieve the desired height. In addition, fixed standing desks are available which do not allow height adjustment. 

The desks available at EZ Shopper are all electric standing desks and are height adjustable.