The Covid-19 pandemic has changed home working for good

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, the number of people working from home around the world has skyrocketed. Businesses that previously never conceived allowing their staff to work from home, even one or two days per week, have been forced to accept the change to full time, remote working. It doesn’t appear like this is going to end any time soon, and even if businesses ask their staff to return, its clear that many staff will be valuing flexible working more in the future. 

This movement signals an immediate need to focus on employee health and wellbeing whilst working away from the office. We designed the EZ Desk to help businesses like you meet their HSE and DSE obligations for remote working staff.

David M – Business Owner and EZ Desk Customer

“Although we’ve always allowed flexible working in our business, this year has proven difficult for us. Our priority was to ensure that our staff can work as comfortably and as efficiently as they would do in the office.

As soon as we found out that this would be a long term shift, we invested in a large batch of the EZ Desk for any staff who opted for one. For us, this was a small price to pay to ensure our employees are content and healthy whilst working away from the office.”

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So what’s the fuss about?

It’s no surprise that home working brings about it’s own set of challenges. Not only does your business need to ensure that it’s getting the most out of its staff and that productivity is up, but you also need to meet the same regulations which apply for looking after your staff’s health and wellbeing.

2020 will likely be the year that companies are put under the spotlight for how they help their staff migrate to home working. Will you be proactive or reactive to this shift?

Why invest in standing, height adjustable desks for my staff?

Standing, commonly known as sit-stand height adjustable desks have been around for a long time, but have only recently become popular in home working setups. Many offices have invested in installing standing desks in recent years, with some Nordic countries in particular widely adopting these desks for staff wellbeing. 

  1. Ensure you meet your obligations under HSE regulations and DSE requirements, if questioned by the authorities or should a claim arise from staff.
  2. Standard desks are only suited to an “average” sized person. Height adjustable desks allow all your staff to find a comfortable seating or standing position.
  3. Take a proactive approach to your employees health and wellbeing.

We wrote this research backed blog article to highlight the 7 key benefits from using a standing desk. The article discusses some of the main health, wellbeing and productivity benefits for your employees when working at a standing desk at home.

Some of the issues we cover include:

  1. Obesity, diet and blood sugar levels
  2. Back pain and posture
  3. Mood, energy and stress
  4. Heart disease risk
  5. Productivity


The Original EZ Desk

The EZ Desk has been our best selling item of 2020 in the EZ Shopper range. The desk is built of high quality , long lasting materials and is available in a range of finishes. The desks are CE marked and meet EU Directives.

The desk is fitted with an electric motor which allows the user to quickly and easily raise and lower the desktop to the desired working height whilst sitting or standing. The control pad features 4 memory positions and allows incremental height changes between 76-120cm.

The desk can be setup quickly at home with the included instruction manual and online instructional video. It is delivered directly to the door of your employees, free of charge from our UK fulfilment centre. All our commercial sales come with an EZ Shopper Ltd, 1 year warranty.

We sell a wide range of desks, chairs and accessories. Be sure to view our full catalogue.

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Original EZ Desk Colour Schemes

We have an interchangeable range of frame and desktop finishes which can be selected during ordering. Our frames are made from steel and the worktops are MDF with high quality, scuff proof veneered finish.

Our frames are available in white, grey and black

Our desktops are available in light oak, oak, mahogany, plain white and plain black finishes.

Please find some examples of our range below. Remember we also sell a wide selection of standing desks which you can find in our full catalogue.


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Pricing for Businesses

We offer discounts specifically for businesses in the UK who are looking to save through ordering a minimum of 10 units. For less than 10 units, our standard EZ Desk pricing is available through our online store at £299

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We sell a wide range of desks, chairs and accessories. Be sure to view our full catalogue.

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