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What to wear paddle boarding in winter, spring, summer and autumn

what to wear paddle boarding

Lifejackets and safety gear Flotation devices are a no-questions-asked requirement in any water sport. LIfejackets are extremely important and can truly save lives during the most unexpected situations. As mentioned in the “Choose It, Wear It: RNLI guide to lifejackets and buoyancy aids”:  “Every year, up to 200 people die on or around the coast […]

5 reasons why stand up paddle boarding is a great workout in 2021

is stand up paddle boarding a good workout

SUP can help you learn more about yourself Have you ever had that time when you never tried something before but when you did, you loved it? SUP can do that for you. You might think you’re not the outdoorsy type who loves going on excursions and doing water sports but once you get into […]