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Enjoy nature in comfort, all year round

This is the peace and serenity you have been dreaming of. An escape from the daily stress, hustle and bustle. Hot tubbing in a wood fired EZ Hot Tub is a way of life, which will leave you feeling better than ever. 

We can't wait for you to join us, so jump right in!

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An eco friendly option for gardens, campsites and anywhere else

All tubs are pre built, requiring minimal installation. Just find a flat surface, stock up on dry wood and you'll be up and running in next to no time. Our hot tubs take 2-3 hours to heat up, and our off grid options don't require any electrical hookup. 

Make your venue stand out

Don't settle for the norm. Wow your guests with the luxury of a wood fired tub. The pandemic years have seen domestic holidays popularity surge. Take advantage of higher rates which can be expected with this must have feature.

Wood fired tubs are an easy way to make more money from your accommodation. They are cheap to run, easy to maintain and clean, and heat within 1-2 hours from cold.

Many of our existing customers run glamping and camping venues in the UK.

Memories and tubs that are built to last

We consider ourselves experts in hot tubs, and our dedicated manufacturing partner has a decade of experience in producing long lasting hot tubs, saunas, and outdoor buildings. 

We only sell hot tubs with sustainably sourced, yet long lasting wooden materials. Our fibreglass shells have gone through several material iterations, and are now stronger than ever.

We're proud of the wood fired EZ Hot Tub range, and will be here to shout about it for years to come.

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Best purchase I've ever made!

We have been blown away with how great this hot tub has been since we purchased in summer 2021. The quality of the hot tub is outstanding, it's such a great deal. From order through to delivery the communication was great and delivery itself very smooth. The wood burner offers a much more efficient and authentic experience than an electric heated version, it looks great in the garden. It does not take long to heat up and with the lid on it retains the heat all day and evening. In hot weather it's also great for the kids to use as a plunge pool. This is one of the best purchases I've ever made!

James Dobson / Verified Review

Fantastic product at a reasonable price

I've had my hot tub for just shy of 12 months now and i couldn't be happier with how it performs...it's so fast and efficient at heating up from stone cold. We can be enjoying a dip at 40 degress in no more than 90 minutes from lighting it, and with the upgraded insulated cover, it stays warm over night so you can even go back in the following morning... Overall, I can fully recommend this product to anyone who is considering buying a wood burning hot tub.

Luke O Sullivan / Verified Review

Customise yours today

Rather than charge you for items you don't need, we allow you to fully configure your wood fired hot tub using our 3D configurator. You can then use your phone's camera and AR (augmented reality) to see how it would really look in your chosen location. We allow you to select:

  • Hot tub heater type - integrated or external.
  • Size - 200 or 220cm for up to 8 or 10 people.
  • Fibreglass colour - cream, light grey or dark grey.
  • Panel type and colour - PVC, Spruce or Thermowood.
  • Air and Hydro massage options.
  • Integrated LED Lighting.
  • And loads of other extras!

Wood burning hot tub FAQs

What is a wood fired hot tub?

A wood fired hot tub is different to a jacuzzi hot tub in that they use a wood burning stove, as opposed to an electric heater to heat the water. The tubs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, such as rectangular types (often known as "Ofuro" and circular. The tubs are made from different types of wood side panels, such as cedar wood, spruce, or Thermowood.


Modern versions are inspired by traditional Japanese Ofuro tubs, that were known to cleanse the soul and provide a number of mental and physical benefits. Wood burning tubs can be installed with or without electricity, and off grid designs are a great way to unwind in a quiet and romantic setting. 

At EZ Shopper, our tubs are only available in the best, sustainable and long lasting materials. 

How do wood fired hot tubs work?

The off grid nature of a wood fired hot tub means that water can be heated without the use of electricity, using only the heat generated in the heater. The water can be heated via an integrated stove, or external stove, as explained in the other sections above on this page. The stove itself heats the water through a series of metal coils, and the water passes through naturally by convection or thermosiphoning (no pump is required). Cold water is naturally drawn out of the hot tub through the hole at the bottom, and re enters the hot tub at the hole near the top of the water line. 

The fire temperature can be controlled by the amount of wood used, and the adjustable air vent. It's always recommended to use a thermometer in the tub, to keep an eye on the temperature. A good temperature is around 38 degrees centigrade. 

It's important to note that in freezing temperatures, the water should be drained from the tub. This is because any expansion of freezing water in the heater coils will more than likely damage the metalwork and could cause irreversible leaks. 

It's safe to say that integrated stoves heat the water quicker than external stoves with pipework, for obvious reasons. However, external heated tubs do have their benefits, and usually the space saved in the tub allows an extra person to fit inside. Useful if you are planning big parties.

Still have more questions? No worries, read on below...

Which side panel options do you offer?


Spruce comes as standard on our base model, and is more than capable for use in a wood fired hot tub. Spruce wood has a natural light colour, which will darken over time with use, and when exposed to the heat of the tub. This is not a problem, or a defect in the wood, but just a natural reaction which should be expected with this wood type. We recommend applying protective oils and lacquers to spruce, to ensure its longevity.

We also offer Thermowood panelling, which provides the best resilience against heat and has a high satisfaction rate amongst customers. Thermowood tends to be a premium choice, as it has been put through a high temperature treatment process. This makes the pores of the wood close up and stops it from absorbing further moisture. It also causes the resin to evaporate. As the more premium option, the wood tends to be extra resistant to decay, rotting and warping under humidity. Surprisingly, it’s one of the lightest options and has a dark finish.


PVC is becoming more popular as a material in hot tub side panelling, due to the fact that it does not require treating in the same manner as wood. Our PVC has a wood effect look, and comes available in two great colours. 

How should I maintain the wood?

We recommend that you apply suitable wood oil to all of the external and accessible wooden parts including the stairs, panels, lid, etc) twice per year, before and after the winter season. Check which oil is suitable for your chosen colour, but we recommend using linseed oil for most unpainted options. Panels can also be painted or stained.

Do you offer models which are flat packed for self-assembly?

All models in our current range can only be delivered fully assembled. We don’t sell any self-assembly hot tubs. This keeps things simplest for our customers with minimal setup time required.

What diameter hot tub should I select?

Our fibreglass models are available in two sizes with a 200cm or 220cm external diameter. These can accommodate up to 6-8 people or 8-10 people. 

What is an integrated burner and what is the difference between external and integrated heater models?

We only sell integrated and external burner hot tubs at EZ Shopper as they are by far the most popular options. The integrated burner design, where the burner is fitted between the fibreglass and wood, is a good compromise between internal / external options. whereas the external heated options allow more space in the tub, but have a higher heat loss from the burner.

What is the optimum hot tub water temperature?

We recommend a temperature of 38˚C, but this does come down to personal preference. Those with any pre-existing health conditions should always be extra cautious and seek professional advice before using a wood fired hot tub. It should be noted that as these are heated naturally, that care and attention should be used to ensure that the temperature stays within safe limits.

How long does it take for the hot tub water to heat?

The heating time does vary, as it depends on the outside temperature, water temperature, heater type, etc. However, as a guidance in the summer, you can expect a 1.8m hot tub to take 1.5-2.5 hours to reach a comfortable temperature.

Can I use chemicals in my wood fired hot tub?

Our standard, default option heaters are made from 304-grade stainless steel. You should upgrade the heater to 316-grade stainless steel if you intend to use chlorine, bromide, saltwater or any other chemicals in the water. If you do use these chemicals in the 304-grade heater you will likely wreck your hot tub and will quickly experience degradation of parts. The retailer and manufacturer will not accept any liability for misuse of chemicals.  

What kind of heater should I use?

As mentioned in the previous answer, ensure you upgrade to the stainless steel, 316-grade heater if you plan to use any chemicals or salt water.

How often do I need to change the water?

If you’re not using filters, chemicals or salt water cleaning, you should be sure to change the water at least twice a week, but potentially more depending on use. If using filters and chemicals, you should follow the guidance of the manufacturer and ensure that the water is changed as required.

Do I need to drain the water after each use in winter?

If there’s a chance that the temperature will drop below freezing, we strongly recommend emptying the water after use to ensure that no components are damaged if the water freezes. Note that:

  • If the stainless steel 316 grade heater option has been included, salt may be added to prevent the water from freezing.

Can I use my hot tub all year round?

We encourage you to! Just make sure that you take care of it in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

How do I fill the hot tub?

It’s super easy! Just use a standard garden hose lowered into the hot tub and fill it up as you would do a paddling pool. 

How do I empty the hot tub?

An external water tap is installed near the heater. 

Where is the hardware installed for air bubble and hydro massage models?

For our fibreglass models, the pumps are hidden in between the fibreglass shell and the wood panels, for a sleek finish. 

Do I need professional help installing the electrical equipment?

For most equipment no, if an off grid design is configured. Electrical equipment, including hydro pumps and internal hot tub LED lighting comes with a short lead and plug. However, this is only included for testing purposes, and it is imperative that a certified electrician installs the appropriate earthing and cabling to the hot tub from your power supply as a permanent solution. 

Do I need to prepare any foundations for the hot tub?

In most cases no, but make sure that the ground can bear the load of the tub and water and most importantly that it is on a flat surface.

What is the estimated lifespan of a wooden hot tub?

The wood fired hot tubs can be used for 10 years plus, if the right care and attention is given to them. Our warranty covers 1 year.

Should I choose an air bubble or hydro massage system?

The air bubble system has 12 bubbles which provides a lighter massage and circulation effect.

For a stronger massage effect, we recommend the hydro massage system. This system has 6 chrome nozzles located on the back rest.

Many people opt to not include a massage system at all, especially if they are not intending on hooking their hot tub up to electricity or it’s impractical to do so. If you want to be at peace with nature, not having a massage system installed is perfectly acceptable.

Can I control the water temperature?

For log burning tubs, the water temperature should be monitored using a thermometer and by restricting the amount of wood placed into the heater. If necessary, it can be topped up with cold water. The heater has an air vent which can be closed to slow down the fire.

What type of firewood should I use in my log burning heater?

Be sure to use dry and dense firewood which is calorie rich to ensure that you get maximum efficiency. The best types are oak, alder and maple, typically. It’s also possible to use biomass fuel bricks in the heater, but you should ensure that coal is never used as this can damage the heater.

What is the lead time for getting my hot tub?

The lead time is typically 4-8 weeks as hot tubs are made to order. The lead time tends to be on the lower end of this estimate during winter, and the upper end in summer. Hot tubs will subsequently be delivered once they have been satisfactorily tested.

What type of payment do you accept?

When using our checkout on our website, you can use a credit / debit card using our Stripe secure checkout, or you can check out with Klarna to make your payments over several installations. We also welcome bank transfers, contact us if you wish to pay using this method.

What’s the order process?

Orders are placed through our website unless you wish to pay by bank transfer. Use the product selectors to design and customise your chosen timber fired hot tub model. Proceed to make your payment through the checkout and ensure you have asked any questions before making payment. We will then prepare your order and deliver it once complete. Please note you will need to ensure that someone is available on the delivery date, which we will advise in advance. It is not possible to choose your delivery date. Once production has started, refunds will not be given as the products are made to order.

Do you offer installation and how does the hot tub come packaged?

We only offer kerbside delivery so you should ensure that you have 4/5 strong people who are able to help carry the hot tub to its final position in your garden. Our delivery partner will not be able to assist with this process. Delivery is to the boundary of your property, and this is strictly followed.

The hot tub will arrive on a pallet, on it's side. More information on delivery can be found on the product and configuration page.

Where can I find more information?

If you can’t find what you’re after, please drop us an email at hello@ezshopper.co.uk.


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