How do standing desks work and what are the benefits? Buyers guide in 2022


Last Updated on 26 January 2022 by Sarah Dunes

Not using enough energy during the day may lead to a gradual decline in health and physical well-being. As more workers become engulfed with work and not have enough time to set aside for workouts, technology is constantly being employed to make up for it. From counting steps to innovative workout tools, more methods are being developed everyday. 

One of the trends catching on with the productivity wave are sit-stand desks. These desks have been around for quite some time but they are now making a huge comeback as medical professionals revisit all the health benefits that come with using them. 

So, how do standing desks work?

Standing desks, as the name implies, are desks where you can work while standing up. This means that the height of these desks are taller than the usual desks designed to be used while sitting. These desks have been around since the late 1400s but as more work rolled in, sitting while working became the norm to avoid fatigue among employees. Of course, this was in the best interest of the workers but as times changed and more activities required less physical effort, standing desks made a comeback as a way to add some physical activity in the day-to-day corporate office life.

Since standing desks are expected to help with posture and other physical benefits, they’re designed to have the ideal height for the user to maintain good posture, doing so comfortably. This is why there are adjustable standing desks available on the market that can accommodate any user’s height. There are many kinds of standing desks nowadays but all of them work the same.

What are the benefits of standing desks?

There are many studies that claim extensive health benefits that come with using a standing desk. The simple act of standing while working can already give you the energy usage that can improve body conditions as long as you work on your standing desk on a daily basis. 

From a macro perspective, sitting in itself can have a negative effect on your health if you do it for long durations. So, sitting down on your work desk 8 hours a day can be bad for your spine, your muscles, and overall cardiovascular system.

This is where standing desks come in. They can help you balance out those periods of inactivity by letting you use more energy by standing up from time to time without having to stop working. This works especially well when you have no time at all to take breaks and refresh yourself. This is a revitalizing change of pace especially if you’re already feeling dull from all the sitting down. 

Here is a quick list of health benefits you can take advantage of from extensive use of your standing desk:

  • Reduces back pain especially if you already are suffering from chronic back pain. There would be instances when your pain could be linked to prolonged sitting in a position that is not ideal for your spine so standing desks may help correct your posture and improve your spine’s condition.
  • Better blood sugar levels. Standing uses more energy than sitting so it can help with cutting down on your blood sugar.
  • Avoid obesity and weight gain. Definitely, you’ll need more intense physical activity to actually drop a few pounds but standing can actually burn more calories than you think. With extensive use of a standing desk, it can make a good contribution to maintaining a healthy body weight for you.
  • Improves mood, boosts energy, and reduces stress – these are just some of the effects of burning those excess energy you have stored in your body. Standing up also promotes blood flow throughout your body so it can give you a good boost of energy that can also combat stress.
  • Reduces risk of heart disease. Medical professionals would always recommend more intense workouts if you need a more major lifestyle change but if you’re the type with health conditions that keeps you from intense workouts, incorporating a standing desk into your daily routine can help reduce the risk of heart disease. 

On top of all the health benefits, standing desks are known to improve productivity. Studies show that since standing while working allows better oxygen flow in your blood, it increases your brain activity and helps you work better. This is why many modern offices are making stand-sit desks readily available for employees. 

Check out our full blog post to find out more about the benefits of standing desks.

Fixed Standing Desks

Fixed standing desks are non-adjustable standing desks. Using them for long periods of time may be tricky since you can’t adjust them to varying heights. This would be perfect for personal use since the fixed height would be perfect for just one user. Also due to the absence of the height adjustment feature, choices for fixed standing desks may be more stylish and even have shelves for other personal belongings. 

They can also have more variations in terms of material, drawers, and compartments. They can feel more stable than some budget height adjustable desks. This isn’t the case with the EZ Desk from EZ Shopper, our desk is super strong and stable at any height – you wouldn’t know that it’s adjustable.

fixed standing desk

Height Adjustable Standing Desks

These adjustable standing desks are used by those working from home or in the office, as they can accommodate multiple users with varying heights. A manual adjustable standing desk has a lever that moves the top part higher or lower to suit the user.

Although manual height adjustable desks are a great budget way to combine sitting and standing whilst working, they are also tedious to use and due to the time taken to wind them up and down, you may not get as much use out of it as you originally planned. Without the ability to clearly read the height from a display on the desk, it also makes it difficult to accurately set it to you ideal height each time.

Electric Height Adjustable Desks

Electric height adjustable desks, such as the EZ Desk from EZ Shopper, is an electric sit-stand desk that has a built in control pad to help you adjust height settings quickly. It has a sturdy motor driven mechanism for easy adjustments at a touch of a button. Here are some features that can help make the sit-stand desk experience easier and more convenient.

Sit Stand Height Selection

Height adjustable desks such as the EZ Desk have a more convenient height adjustment feature which allows you to press a button to convert it from a sitting to a standing desk in a jiff. You don’t need to roll levers and adjust components manually. You simply need to select the setting you want and it will adjust automatically. The fully lit display on the EZ Desk range shows the user the currently set height in inches, which makes it super easy to get it back to your optimum height when required. Desks with memory functionality are also great as they allow more than one user to save their optimum sitting and standing height preference.

Motor Operation

Motor operation allows electric standing desks to be adjusted without any hard work or lifting on your part. They usually come in both single and dual motor configurations, with the latter usually only being required for heavy lifting desks or larger units. The standard EZ Desk has a single motor configuration that’s more than powerful enough for its size and for a majority of users. It is strong enough to handle 80kg and has a whisper quiet operation and accurate height incremental adjustments. It also has an anti-collision feature for your safety.

Control Pad

The control pad on any standing desk should be placed at a convenient location that is easy to access anytime you need to make an adjustment. With the EZ Desk range, you can save up to four memory settings so you don’t have to go back and forth with adjusting it each time. You can simply save your ideal setting and have it back with one click. 

electric desk controller

Which type of standing desk is best for me?

Choosing a sit-stand desk solely depends on personal preference but there are some considerations you can think about to determine what would be best for you. If you’ll be the only user, a fixed standing desk can be a good option but sadly, you cannot convert it into a sitting desk if you need a break from standing. Moving to a sitting desk may be bothersome so an adjustable desk might be the better option. However a manual adjustable desk may be difficult to adjust as well since you’ll need to take time to set it back and forth depending on your preferences. 

You might get tired of always tediously working that lever to get the height that you want. An electric adjustable best would be the ideal option if you’re looking for convenience and ease for most users, and doesn’t need to break the bank. With memory settings and a control pad, you don’t have to bother yourself with getting it set to the right height every time. On top of that, the anti-collision feature is a must have to protect yourself and any fragile items near to the desk.

You don’t need to worry about the price when it comes to the standing desk range from EZ Shopper. Our entry level desk is great for home workers and has all the features and quality that you would expect from a desk 2 or 3 times the price. Check out our range today and see how the EZ Desk range can help improve your productivity.