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Introducing the EZ Desk Carbon Edition

Introducing the EZ Desk Carbon Edition

Our first, custom made carbon fibre finish standing desk, built specifically with the serious gamer in mind. 

The best PC Gaming Desk on the Market

"EZ Desk Carbon Edition is the desk I never knew I needed", says Gamingbible. Our gaming desks are consistently being featured in some of the world's most prestigious gaming editorials.

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Other desks that are great for gamers...

Small Gaming Desk - EZ Desk

Our entry level standing desk packs a punch. It's suited for compact setups but that doesn't mean it doesn't have the power to elevate your game. 

  • 3 awesome colour schemes to match any room
  • Discreet yet function packed touch activated controller
  • 118x60cm desktop, more than enough space for the average setup.


How much can it lift?

The desk will lift 80kg, which is plenty for its size. 80kg is the same as:

  • Gaming PC tower, dual monitor setup, 2.1 sound system, lamp, printer, and more.
  • Or a baby elephant, if that's easier to visualise.

Large Gaming Desk - EZ Desk Dual

Our premium standing desk is made in Sweden and the UK. It's for serious gamers who have a heavier setup, or need the extra desktop space.

  • Multiple super slick, modern colour schemes
  • Dual Bosch motors built into the legs won't let you down.
  • 2 desktop sizes, 120x60x2.5cm or 140x80x2.5cm, flexibility for larger setups.


How much can it lift?

The dual Bosch motors are certified to 100kg, but tested to 2.5x this. So what's 100kg the same as?

  • Gaming PC Tower, dual monitor setup, 2.1 sound system, lamp, printer, a big stack of books, a MacBook Pro, and more.
  • Or a well built Rugby player!

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Gaming Desk FAQs

What kind of desk should I get for gaming?

Gaming desks come in various shapes and sizes. You'll need to consider the following:

  • The shape and size desk you require for the space in which it'll be located. 
  • Whether you'll be working at the desk for extended periods, and therefore whether you should invest in a height adjustable desk.
  • The style of desk you're after. Wood effect desks are less popular amongst gamers, with black and carbon fibre finishes being most popular.
  • The weight bearing capacity of the desk (most important for height adjustable desks).
  • Added features - RGB lighting, headphone holders, monitor risers, etc.

Are gaming desks worth it?

Gaming desks are at their core, the same as a regular desk / standing desk. They are simply a piece of furniture which holds your desk equipment. However, there are many good reasons to invest in a gaming desk. Gaming desks have many of the features, and aesthetics which appeal to gamers, and are usually designed in a specific type of way. Whether they are worth it or not comes down to your specific use case!

What is special about gaming desks?

Gaming desks do not usually have too many discerning features which differentiate them from regular desks. However, a good gaming desk will be strong enough to hold a heavy setup (most important for height adjustable desks), and they will have features which appeal to gamers. For example, most gaming desks will come with headphone holders, cup holders, and in some cases under desk storage for PC towers / RGB lighting.

Are L shaped desks good for gaming?

L shaped, or corner desks are great for those who have extra space, or have a lot to fit on the desk. The shape of an L desk means that everything is easily in reach, whilst providing additional desk area for your gear. Corner desks are available with both fixed frames, and adjustable height frames (standing desks).

How long should a gaming desk be?

It depends on what you need to put on it. For most home gamers, a 120cm desk is sufficient as it has enough space for a dual monitor setup, with a PC gaming tower. That being said, with the gaming tower on the floor, there's more space available for other gear, or even a third monitor. 

For more serious users, a 140 or 160cm desk length might be best. We recommend a width of at least 60cm, but beyond 70cm isn't usually necessary.