5 benefits of standing desks for students and teachers in the classroom

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Standing desks are catching on with modern office spaces because of their many health and productivity benefits. If a simple change in work setup does wonders for corporations, imagine what it can do for schools, colleges and universities. 

Here are a few benefits of standing desks in education:

1. Encourages better health habits

2. Increased focus

3. Promotes student engagement

4. Better class management

5. Empowers collaboration

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Standing Desks in the Classroom

The classroom may be the best place to have standing desks. In general, the classroom is a place where students are required to do various tasks as part of their curriculum and spending all day on an armchair while thinking can be just as bad as sitting at an office desk. The lack of physical activity and energy expenditure may cause preventable health conditions later on. 


Standing Desks at home

Having a standing desk at home is also beneficial to students and teachers. This may be a more personal preference but having standing desks at home can be useful with learning and teaching. School isn’t the only place of learning especially when most of the big school projects and papers require both students and teachers to do work at home. 

Some projects require extra creativity and like most painters in the early days, standing desks are great to get inspiration, focus, and produce amazing works of art. Plus, being able to do well with schoolwork at home brings a sense of fulfillment to students, teachers, and even parents!


Standing Desks for students

Aside from health benefits, there are many learning perks that come with using a standing desk. It may not be able to get every student an A but it can certainly help them build better study habits and absorb more of the material through the standing desks’ effect to their physical wellness. Also, standing desks encourage better social skills and engagement among the social group within the class. Here are a few benefits of standing desks for students:


1. Encourages better health impacting habits

Considering the health benefits that come with using a standing desk, integrating them to school work may help students build better health-impacting habits that they can carry throughout life. Especially with ailments that could have been prevented by physical practices such as burning more calories by adding light physical activity into their lifestyles; it may be a good idea to integrate that sooner than later when the ailments could have already set in.

 According to a study called “The effects of standing desks within the school classroom: A systematic review” published in ScienceDirect: 

“In these studies, sit-to-stand desk use was associated with a number of health benefits, including reductions in blood pressure, back and neck pain, increases in HDL cholesterol, and improved mood states. As employed within the workplace, making environmental changes to the classroom could be an effective way of reducing children’s sitting time. Such interventions could provide the opportunity to reduce total sedentary time, as well as the ability to break up prolonged bouts of sitting, both of which have been shown to be beneficial to health in children. Classroom-based interventions may also help target health inequalities by being accessible to all children.”

This simply means that if young students start practicing better health habits now, they can enjoy the long-term benefits of prolonged practice through their adulthood. And, integrating standing desks within the classroom can help encourage healthy habits by sitting less.


2. Increased Focus

Standing at a desk can be helpful to increase focus which also allows users to become more productive. Being able to stand while studying in a classroom setting makes students more alert and focused in class. The encouraged blood flow allows them to think more clearly which improves cognitive skills if done in a prolonged duration. This is why it makes sense to integrate standing desks in the school – if it makes corporate employees productive, they can have the same effect on students!

Also, standing desks help students, especially the young ones, to spend more energy. Using that excess energy is healthy for young students as this will help them concentrate better and have better attention spans. This means they become better focused to finish tasks and follow instructions provided by their teachers.


3. Promotes Student Engagement

In general, standing desks are simply good for setting an environment that encourages engagement. In school, students are taught beyond book knowledge and end up honing most of their social skills within this controlled society. Of course, not everyone are extroverts that can easily engage with other students, but standing desks set a better and more casual tone within the classroom that provide a comfortable space for them to express themselves. Also, standing desks are easy to move around so for projects that involve group work, these desks can be easily moved around so the group members can be closer in vicinity with each other. 

Prolonged sitting can easily suck out energy from students as it can make the tone dull and tiresome after a long period of time. Allowing students to stand up from time to time will help liven up the mood and pump the energy back into their minds. Sometimes, all it takes is some environmental intervention to motivate students to engage more. With more energy and sharper senses, it would be easier for them to engage and become better students through time.

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Standing Desks for Teachers

Similar to how students work hard for classes, teachers put in even more work to make sure they learn everything they need to move on through school life. This means teachers need just as much attention when it comes to setting a good and healthy working environment for them to their jobs as well. Teachers often need to undergo a continuous learning process as well so they can teach quality material that is kept up with the times. It’s not easy to learn and teach everyday!

Teachers can also benefit from using standing desks in terms of maintaining healthy habits despite the busy lifestyles they lead. Similar to corporate employees who benefit from utilizing standing desks, teachers can also get some calorie burn into their day without leaving their workstations if they have a standing desk to work on. Here are some benefits teachers can enjoy from using standing desks for their work:

4. Better class management

Some classrooms already provide podiums or standing desks for teachers and professors to use while conducting a class. It may not seem that beneficial but being able to stand in front of a classroom can actually help class facilitators manage the class better. Being able to benefit from the energy boost standing can heighten the teacher’s alertness and ability to address the class’ needs better.

Aside from that if both students and teachers are provided standing desks for the class’ use, then the learning process can be a more efficient experience for both parties. If students can appreciate the classroom experience more, the class would be easier to manage from a teacher’s standpoint.Teachers wouldn’t have to go through extensive lengths – meaning less chances of burnout as an educator!

5. Empowers collaboration

One of the key classroom elements that teachers are pressured to do is empower collaboration between students. Especially with younger kids, it may be difficult to make them work together considering how easily distracted and energetic kids are at this age. Standing desks can help to expend energy and have better concentration on the current circumstance. 

Also, the simple act of standing can keep them focused on the task they need to do as a team. Sitting would often give off the feeling that you have to do the work on your own which may be a mindset that’s difficult to get out of especially for kids. So standing can give them breathing room to actually interact and with guidance from a teacher, they can collaborate better. This is a very important skill that educators hold in high regard since it is something that a person carries through all stages of life. This is why empowering them to collaborate and work together is always a priority even if it does require some intervention using standing desks.