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Electric height adjustable sit stand desks

Electric height adjustable desks such as the EZ Desk range provide the best way to sit or stand at a comfortable height. One size doesn't suit all when it comes to working height, and our standing desk range allows you to quickly and quietly change up your desk height at any time with ease. 

Neutral colour schemes with a number of desk frame / desktop combinations and desktop sizes means you'll always be able to find a desk that suits your home office.

All desks are fitted with super quiet, commercial grade motors, which allow you to move between your desired sitting / standing height, and memory height presets within a wide height range provides flexibility during the working day, at the touch of a button.

Safety features are built into our desks including anti collision, overheat protection and CE marking on electric components. 

In addition to our wide range of desks, we also sell desk accessories such as cable management systems and ergonomic accessories, specifically designed for our products. 

Many customers decide to purchase sit-stand desks due to health concerns, to avoid back pain, posture issues affecting skeletal muscles, and also to aid the fight of preventable diseases. If you want to find out more about the desks in general, our latest blog posts are research backed, and cover various popular topics. 

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UK based electric desks and customer support

We're one of the only UK based standing desk companies that competes on price with the competition from China that you'll find on Amazon.

We always try to differentiate ourselves on our customer support, which is locally based here in the UK. Check out our verified Trustpilot reviews to see for yourself.

Our desks are fulfilled from a warehouse in the midlands, and are delivered on a next day service, 6 days a week.

7 Health Benefits of Using Standing Desks

Standing desks have a number of health and productivity benefits. We've summarised them in one of our expert guides.

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  • Reduce back pain

Inactivity can be just as bad for your back and neck as overuse. Skeletal muscles are meant to move and if you don’t move them often enough, you could end up with more pain that might even require medical treatment further down the line. Using a standing desk to mix up your posture can help improve some back and neck conditions.

  • Improves productivity

A study by the University of Leicester researched the effects of standing while working and how it impacts employees productivity. They found that those who included standing while working to their lifestyles had better work performance and increased productivity in comparison to those who sat in a static position. 

  • Reduces risk of diabetes

In an article published in the Harvard Health Blog, Nancy Ferrari tackles how sitting can be detrimental to your heart health. It goes without saying that generally being more active, and using your muscles more during the day will help to control blood sugar levels, better than being sat in one position.

Height adjustable desk FAQs

Is electric or manual standing desk better?

It depends on your use case and budget. Both types achieve the same end result, however electric desks are typically more expensive than manual desks. Electric standing desks are better for lifting heavy desktops.

Do electric desks use a lot of electricity?

No, electric desks usually use very little electricity. The amount of electricity they use is usually comparable to the amount used by a light bulb.

Which is better an electric or pneumatic standing desk?

It depends on your individual preferences. Electric standing desks offer the convenience of being able to adjust the height of the desk with the push of a button, while pneumatic standing desks require the user to manually adjust the height by pumping a lever. Pneumatic standing desks are usually more affordable, while electric standing desks may be more expensive. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide which desk is best suited to your needs.

Is an electric standing desk worth it?

Yes, an electric standing desk can be worth it. Studies have shown that standing desks can help improve posture, reduce back pain, and increase productivity. Additionally, standing desks can make it easier to keep an active lifestyle during the work day.

It may sound biased to say that we firmly believe that standing desks are well worth the investment. Based on the number of 5* reviews on the standing desks in our store, we highly doubt you'll regret buying one.

Adjustable height desks have a number of benefits, which have been proven through academic research. These benefits include a boost in productivity, improved posture, and much more. Check out our blog which discusses the benefits of standing desks, for more information.

What is the best height adjustable desk?

There are a number of options when it comes to height adjustable desks. We encourage you to be able to check out the competition and make an informed choice for your purchase.

We would recommend that in addition to comparing price, that you check out the Trustpilot reviews for the business, in addition to reviews of the specific product. Be weary of cheap Amazon products that may appear good on face value, but might not be built to last.

Are standing desks overpriced?

There's a wide range of options when it comes to standing desks. Some appear overpriced at face value, but you need to remember that there's a lot more which goes into a standing desk than a regular desk.

Standing desks need a mechanism built into the legs to raise and lower the desktop, in addition to the intelligent electronics. Be sure to compare based on materials, and size of the desk. There are many factors which might influence the price of a standing desk.

Is it bad to use a standing desk all day?

It isn't bad to use one all day, provided that you mix it up between sitting and standing at regular intervals. Commonly, people use 30 minutes as the interval, but there is no hard and fast rule for this. For more guidance on how to use a standing desk and how they work, check out our blog article on what standing desks are and how to use them.

Should I get a standing desk or a desk converter?

Desks and converters both have their own benefits. Standing desks are the most flexible option, that raises and lowers your entire desktop, whereas desk converters are usually only suited for a monitor, laptop, keyboard and mouse. It really depends on personal preference. Converters can be useful for packing to bring travelling, or for use for shorter periods, but we always recommend a standing desk for long term use.