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Standing and Sit Stand Height Adjustable Desks

Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk with Desktop

£399.00 £249.99

Here at EZ Shopper we’ve negotiated a fantastic deal with our furniture supplier to bring us bespoke, top quality electric height adjustable desks at the best UK prices. We strive to deliver value to our customers whilst ensuring that our products are made from top quality materials and are built to last.

Shop for a great value height adjustable desk today in our store and give your body a much needed ergonomic health boost. If you’re like us and you’ve been working from home with poor posture during the lockdown, you’ll certainly appreciate the flexibility and simplicity of our electric height adjustable desks.

Why buy a standing / sit stand height adjustable desk from us?

Free UK delivery on all orders over £40 and affordable options on smaller orders

Premium materials used in construction including solid steel frame, several options for the working desktop finish and certified safe electrical components.

What is a sit-stand height adjustable desk?

Height adjustable, or standing / seating desks are a great way to improve your productivity in your home office environment. Our range of height adjustable desks are designed for ergonomic use and allow the user to easily change the working desktop height for comfort and flexibility. Whether you’re using your desk for handwriting, typing or artwork, our EZ Desk range will help you to look after your body after a long day at work. A standing desk allows you to stretch your body, elongate your back and neck for improved posture during long hours working in front of a computer screen.

Why buy a height adjustable desk?

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, it’s particularly important for home workers to consider their working environment for hazards which could affect your long term health. Standing / seating desks allow you to adjust your position throughout the day and ensure that your body is not held idle for too long.

With the rise of home working in 2020, more and more people are realising that their home office setup is not suitable for long term use and a height adjustable desk could be a welcome addition which your body will thank you for in the long run. If you’re sitting down all day and craning your neck to work on a laptop, you could benefit by elevating your worktop to a standing position.

We wrote this research backed blog article to highlight the 7 key benefits from using a standing desk. The article discusses some of the main health, wellbeing and productivity benefits when working at a standing desk at home.

Some of the issues we cover include:

  1. Obesity, diet and blood sugar levels
  2. Back pain and posture
  3. Mood, energy and stress
  4. Heart disease risk
  5. Productivity

What about electric standing height adjustable desks?

Electric height adjustable desks such as the EZ Desk range from EZ Shopper are designed with a quiet operation electric motor which allows swift and easy adjustment to the desktop height. Electric height adjustable desks are typically able to move in small increments and some models including our EZ Desk come with memory functions which allows the user to setup the desk for multiple users or working positions.


Standing and Sit Stand Height Adjustable Desks

Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk with Desktop

£399.00 £249.99