Alternatives to the Parisot Gaming Desk

parisot gaming desk
The innovative French design of the Parisot gaming is refreshing and appealing to the eyes but most gamers need much more than an aesthetic gaming desk. The Parisot gaming desk offers limited features but has generous storage options that most gaming desks don’t have.  
If you’re unable to decide whether getting a Parisot gaming desk would be worth it, take a look at what other gaming desks are comparable and what you could’ve been missing out on. We’ve researched and shortlisted some gaming desks that are the closest match to the Parisot gaming desk, and some which are even better!

Alternatives to the Parisot Gaming Desk


1. Flair Power Z LED Gaming Desk

Flair Power Z LED Gaming Desk

Flair Power Z LED Gaming Desk is an excellent gami

ng desk option if you’re in search of a desk that looks like a Parisot gaming desk. The gaming desk has a similar appeal and almost the same tabletop space for your monitors. With underneath LED lights that come with many colour options, you’re not going to miss out on much if you’re after the aesthetics of the desk. 

The desk allows plenty of storage space to keep your essentials by your side, a feature that might be very useful for some. You could place your monitors on the top shelf and the rest of your gadgets below with extra space for other accessories as well. The Flair Power desk is made of sturdy particleboard material. However, you only get one colour option. 

2. EZ Carbon Gaming Desk

EZ Gaming Desk - Carbon EditionWe love the EZ Carbon Edition gaming desk for all the good reasons. This gaming desk was designed to provide comfort while also keeping in check the user’s health. Gaming can captivate all your attention, making you forget how long you’ve been sitting in a chair. To avoid the long term effects of sitting too much, the EZ carbon gaming desk not only allows you to switch to a standing desk but also reminds you with the aid of an audible timer. How awesome is that! 

The EZ carbon also comes with an under-desk headphone clip holder and cup holder. This allows you to free up the space on the actual tabletop so you get to focus on just gaming. The interesting lock feature also comes in handy if you’ve got kids or pets at home.

3. Bestier Gaming Desk

Bestier Gaming DeskSetting up your gaming desk in a small room is no less than a challenge but the Bestier Gaming desk can make it easy. Its open and minimalist appeal combined with a slim body makes it the perfect choice for tiny spaces. The attached bookshelf provides more storage options to keep books or your essentials right next to you when you’re gaming or working. No matter how slim it appears, the Bestier gaming desk is solidly made with two crossbars on two sides for full support. You can easily keep your gaming devices and accessories without worrying about weight. 

4. Mega Console Gaming Desk

Mega Console Gaming DeskFor the ones looking for a gaming desk that can look like a study, office and gaming desk alone, the Mega console gaming desk is the one for you. Apart from its aesthetic appearance and minimalistic design, the desk can easily blend into any corner of your room and look elegant. You’ll have sufficient space to place your keyboard, mouse and other accessories on the tabletop while also storing your most-used belongings on the side shelf. The desk is made of melamine material and is waterproof. You can choose between two colour options, black and walnut. In terms of pricing, the mega console gaming desk is very affordable. 


Parisot Gaming Desk or EZ Carbon Gaming Desk?

For gamers who prefer an adjustable-height desk with a built-in motor, the EZ Gaming desk is a great choice. The carbon black desk with an excellent style with hints of minimalism makes it a perfect fit for all-purpose, be it gaming, studying or working from home. The EZ carbon gaming desk can stand strong on most surfaces and take up to 80kgs of weight without fail. What we love about the carbon fibre desk is the sturdiness and strength that it provides without being heavy or difficult to move. 

Bestier Gaming Desk

Most importantly, the EZ gaming desk uses a silent motor for height adjustment so you can sit or stand while playing, without putting your spine under stress. Unfortunately, the Parisot gaming desk does not offer the flexibility of height adjustment or movability. You can only use the desk while sitting in a chair. The EZ gaming desk also comes with cable management access points, an under-desk cup and headphone holders, safety features, audible alert, faux leather mouse pad, and so many other useful features that the Parisot gaming desk does not offer. Furthermore, Parisot gaming desks are priced around £400 whereas the EZ computer gaming desk is less than £300. 

Whether you want a desk that takes care of your health or you want more storage options, is up to you. For the price, great specs and health factors, the EZ gaming desk is value for money.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is a standing desk good for gaming?

First off, let’s address the obvious: too much of anything can be a bad thing and sitting is no exception (lying down, by the way, is just as bad as sitting). If you do the math, the time you spend sitting in a day during meals, commute, office hours, and leisure time (watching TV or playing video games) can easily add up to 10 hours. The solution? Spend less time in a chair.

What is the best height for a gaming desk?

What is a good height for a gaming desk? The typical height of a gaming desk is somewhere between 28 inches (71cm) to 30 inches (76cm) from the floor to the tabletop. This desk is ideal for people who have a height between 5’8 feet (172cm) to 5’10 feet (177cm).

Is standing while gaming bad?

Gaming standing up is only better for your posture when you combine it with sitting. Most people feel the need to sit after 2-3 hours of standing. Gamers can alternate periods of standing with periods of sitting to reduce lower back stress. Standing can also be as harmful as sitting when taken to extremes.

Are L shaped desk good for gaming?

If you’re looking for more space on your desk, the L-shaped gaming desks provide a much larger area to place all your gaming equipment. The L-shaped gaming desk does not offer any extra advantage to gaming but if you have more things, then you’ll get more room.