Gaming Desk Size Guide – 2023 Update

how wide should a gaming desk be

Last Updated on 2 March 2023 by Sarah Dunes

Did you know that there are around 1.75 billion PC gamers in the world? With increasing interest and excitement towards gaming since the last few decades, there is also a rising demand for a proper gaming setup. And the centrepiece of a gaming setup is a gaming desk. The gaming desk serves as a crucial space to place all your important gaming equipment and devices.

Gaming desks need to be very wide in order to provide sufficient room. But how wide should a gaming desk be? Our gaming desk size guide will offer you a detailed insight on how wide your gaming desk should be and everything in between. If you’re interested in purchasing a standing desk, you can always reach out to us at, and we will be happy to help.

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Why gaming desk size matters?

Gamers use one, two, or up to three monitors usually. Along with that, there are other accessories like a keyboard, mouse, CPU, etc. 

Gaming desk size matters because it affects the comfort and usability of the desk. A desk that is too small or cramped can make gaming uncomfortable and difficult, while a desk that is too large can take up too much space in a room. It is important to find a desk that is the right size for the area it will be used in, as well as for the type of gaming that will be done.

You can only achieve a comfortable gaming experience when all of your accessories are well-organized. This is where the proper size and width of your gaming desk come into play. In fact, the right sized gaming desk can be a game-changer!

If the gaming desk is of the right size, your gaming experience is bound to be seamless and way too easy than you could have thought of. If you’re using a laptop with a wired mouse and keyboard, the depth of the gaming desk matters even more. As the number of your gaming hardware increases, you’ll realize the significance of the desk’ width. 

Importance of Gaming Desk Size

An ideal gaming desk does not need to be of the exact width or depth of your computer and its components. Instead, the size of the desk should offer you a comfortable experience and more space than you need.

We always suggest every gamer add a touch of personality to their gaming setups, hence the need for a wide gaming desk. Monitors, CPUs and keyboards, all come in different shapes and sizes, some larger for aesthetic purposes and some smaller too. Getting a large-sized desk is also important since it’s hard to determine whether your preferred things and personalized items will have a space on the surface or not.Getting a large-sized desk is also important since it’s hard to determine whether your preferred things and personalized items will have a space on the surface or not.

Not only that, but the large width of your gaming desk will also allow your CPU and other parts to be in an open and well-ventilated area. Gaming can easily heat the space which is why you need to focus on allowing air to easily pass through all the corners. 

To add more, we all love snacking and having a drink by our side while gaming or working. A wide gaming desk will provide space to keep your snacks and drinks without having to worry about spillage or cramping up the space too much. Some gaming desks come with built-in cup-holders as well that are placed externally from the desk. 

Which gaming desk size Is the right one for me?

Usually, the dimensions of a single monitor are around 19″-26″. For that, a gaming desk of size 20″-60″ width fits well. Along with that, if your CPU is of width 10″-20″, consider increasing the width of the gaming desk to 32″-74″. 

Before knowing about the depth of a gaming desk, you need to know that the desk should not only cover the depth of your accessories but also the ideal distance from your face and monitor, which is around 2 feet (24″). A CPU can usually be considered as 24″×12″×24″ (H×W×D). But there are customized CPUs that can be smaller or exceed this size. For easy clarification, the depth of your gaming desk depends on the CPU. The depth of your desk needs to be around 50″ if the depth of the CPU is 24″. 

Which Gaming Desk Size Is the Right One for You-min

How wide should your gaming desk be if you have two monitors? Simple, just increase the width of the desk with the size of an additional monitor’s width. 

Keep in mind that the larger your screen is, the further you need to be from it for a proper view and hence a wider desk will help to maintain the distance. 

If you’ve got a triple monitor setup, let’s assume each has a width of 19” – 26”, then a gaming desk of width 60” – 80” is the ideal choice. Along with that, take up to 2″-4″ of extra space of gap for each additional accessory that you may have.

In a Few Words

There are various types of gaming desks that come in all shapes and sizes. Our guide on the width of a gaming desk will allow you to make the right and well-informed choice when purchasing a gaming desk. Along with that, it is always a good idea to allocate extra space for the future setup when you might have more accessories. 

No matter how many monitors you choose to have, if you’ve got a wide gaming desk, you’re all set. Determining the perfect size of a gaming desk will depend on you and your computer setup. Thus, gaming desks should not be viewed as a one-size-fits-all option but rather a piece of furniture that should be customized to your needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How big should a gaming desk be?

It mostly depends but an ideal gaming desk has a measurement of 60 × 30 × 30 (Width × Depth × Height). Within this space, you can easily accommodate all the gaming gadgets and accessories along with a dual monitor setup. 

How wide should a gaming desk be?

The ideal width of a gaming desk should not be less than 60 inches for a comfortable and spacious gaming experience. 

What is a good depth for a desk?

Generally, a depth of 20″ – 30″ allows a proper distance, space and comfort for the gamer. 

What is a good size for a gaming desk?

A gamer ideally needs a space of 1.8m desks which can accommodate two screens. Before buying a gaming desk, consider the size of your gears and plan on how you are going to place them on the desk.