How to Set Up Your Gaming Desk in 2022 – Our Top Ideas

How to Set Up a Gaming Desk
The ultimate gaming experience is incomplete without a perfect gaming desk setup. Gaming is so much more fun when you have all the accessories you need, nicely laid out on your desk and within reach. However, you might not know how to setup a gaming desk and that’s totally alright! We are here to guide and inspire you to build the gaming setup of your dreams. 
Our list of top 10 gaming setup ideas on the most trending and inspiring gaming setup is just what you need to get started. Moreover, we’ve added a short guide at the end on how to setup a gaming desk with all the essential gaming components.

How to Set Up Your Gaming Desk in 2021 – Our Top Ideas

The right gaming setup will make your gaming experience long, smooth and as exciting as you want it to be.

1. L-Shaped Gaming Desk Setup

L-Shaped Gaming Desk Setup

Nothing beats the amount of space that only an L-shaped gaming desk can provide. Take your entire gaming setup on another level with a desk that offers plenty of room to place all your monitors, keyboard, mouse, consoles and gaming accessories. The large desk area provides freedom to do more with your space and even allows two individuals to use the desk simultaneously. Image Credit: Instagram: @astronuggie




Corner Desk Setup

2. Corner Desk Setup

Corner desk setups are space-spacing furniture that allows you to make the best use of a corner of your room or workspace. Depending on your desk width, you can keep more than one monitor on the surface along with other essentials. With a corner desk like this, you could also get shelves for storage and an elevated platform. Image Credit: Corner Gaming Desk


3. Home Office Setup

Home Office Setup

For gamers who also work from home, a gaming setup that serves two purposes is the best option. Since you’ll be working during the day and playing in the evening, spending a lot of time sitting on the chair will hurt your back. A functional desk like the EZ Carbon Edition desk can easily transform into a standing desk and allow you a comfortable working/gaming experience, minus the soreness. Image Credit: IG@spawnpoiint 

4. Minimalist Setup

Minimalist Setup

The minimalist trend is here to stay and we can’t deny how eye-pleasing it is. Having a simple, organized and useful desk could be all you need. It allows players to focus on just gaming.

However, the minimalist setup style best suits gamers who have few gaming accessories and wants to keep it simple. Image Credit: @thespenceryan



5. Storage-friendly Setup

Storage-friendly Setup

Gaming addicts might have collections of video games and valuable possessions that need perfect storage within the gaming zone. For such needs, opt for a storage-friendly gaming setup that allows you to store all your essentials in one place. If you don’t want cabinets above your desk, floating shelves are a good alternative. Drawers help to hide any clutter on the desk and organize your little accessories. Image Credit: Closet & Storage Concepts


6. Cute Gaming Setup

Cute Gaming Setup

Female gamers bring a wonderful variation to the gaming setup ideas. From pink pastel to kawaii themed, gaming can be feminine, fun and cute at the same time. Some gamers choose to customize their monitor and keyboards to match the colour scheme of the gaming setup.  A matching pink gaming chair completes the entire setup look. Image Credit: @SchoolScooter





7. Small Space Gaming Setup

Small Space Gaming Setup

If you’re wondering on how to setup a gaming desk in a small space, take a look at this setup. Having a tiny space shouldn’t discourage you from enjoying your own little gaming zone. It’s awe-inspiring how creativity can turn a small gaming space into something unique. Whether you choose a bright colour scheme or keep it black and white is up to you. The only drawback is that you won’t have enough space for multiple monitors or extra accessories. Image Credit: Reddit user: u/3amz




8. Luxury Gaming Setup
Luxury Gaming Setup

When you’ve got the space and the budget, you can choose to be a little extravagant with your gaming setup. A large screen and multiple monitors are must-haves for such glorious gaming setups. A luxury gaming setup doesn’t have to mean filling every inch of your space with accessories and decors. You can invest in the most high-quality devices and exclusive accessories that not only stand out but feel luxurious as well. Image Credit: u/im_eating_pizza_AMA




9. Affordable Gaming Setup

Affordable Gaming Setup

Worried that you don’t have the budget for a proper gaming setup? No problem. You only need a good desk, your devices and a comfortable gaming chair to build your gaming setup, just like this one. Gaming is all about the experience and a little comfort for long playing sessions. An affordable gaming setup can provide you with just what you need without having to burn a hole in your pocket. Image Credit: @gamingsetup999 Pinterest




10. Gaming Setup for Two
Gaming Setup for Two

For couples who enjoy gaming, this gaming setup is a great inspiration. Instead of having to share a tiny cramped space with two chairs at one desk, couples can place two small gaming desks side by side or one long desk that can accommodate two. Each individual can customize their side and fight battles together when it’s time to! Image Credit: Megan Wulf



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What Things Do You Need for a Gaming Setup? 

We don’t want to limit you to a small list of accessories when there’s a wide range of exciting gaming accessories to try out. To keep things simple, we’ve focused only on the basic gaming components and a few accessories to guide beginners on how to setup a gaming desk.

How to set up a gaming desk


  1. Desk – With so many types of gaming desks to choose from, you can either choose an L-shaped desk for maximum space or enjoy the health perks of using a standing functional desk like the EZ Standing Desk – Carbon Edition.


  2. Chair – Comfort is one of our top priorities and so should be yours. A gamer needs the highest comfort since they spend a majority of their time at the desk, sitting in one position. Hence, we suggest you invest in a high-quality ergonomic gaming chair that properly supports your back. 


  3. Monitor(s) – Based on your setup preference, you can buy a single monitor or triple monitor. Sophisticated gaming setups sometimes have more than three monitors but for beginners, one monitor is sufficient. 


  4. Gaming PC – A PC built for gaming is different from a regular PC. Building your own PC gives you the freedom to individually choose all the components you want and also customize it according to the colour scheme you have in mind. Pre-built PC’s are available but often cost more than DIY PC. 


  5. Keyboard and Mouse – Choose a keyboard and a mouse that has gaming features, a stylish design and fits your colour scheme. 


  6. Controller & Gaming console – These are vital components to your gaming setup. You can have a video gaming console and a controller or other similar devices for the ultimate gaming experience.


  7. Headset – High-quality headsets are a great investment if you value sound quality.  


  1. Lighting – RGB, strip lighting, wall lighting, lamp, and many other lighting accessories are a must for adding the gaming vibe to your setup. 


  2. Large Mousepad – A large space makes gaming much smoother and easier for navigating and moving your mouse around.


  3. Headphone Stand – Helps to keep your headset organized (optional).


  4. Monitor Mount – If you’ve got multiple monitors then you could mount one or two of them. Mounting monitors save space on your desk.


  5. Plants or Figurines – Add a touch of personality to your setup with figurines, showpieces, decor items or plants.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should a gaming desk have?

A gaming desk should have enough space for you to place and store all your gaming devices and accessories. Most good quality gaming desks come with useful features like cup and headset holders, a cable management compartment, and a few shelves or drawers if required. It’s even better if the gaming desk can be switched to a standing desk anytime.

How can I make my gaming desk look better?

Keeping your desk organized and clutter-free is the easiest way to make it look better. Make sure you manage your cables and smartly hide those wires. You can also add light strips, plant pots, figurines, digital displays, mini gadgets, table lamps and similar accessories to your desk.

How much is a gaming setup?

The actual cost of a gaming setup depends on all the components combined. Starting from $500 to $5000, the cost of gaming PC, monitor, chair, desk, devices, accessories, and other related parts will have individual costs that add up in the end. 

Can you use a normal desk for gaming?

You can use a regular desk for gaming if you don’t wish to spend on a desk that is specially designed with gamers in mind. However, without a proper gaming desk, you’ll lose out on the desk space, gaming features, ergonomic design, height adjustment and other useful functionalities. 

How much weight should a gaming Desk hold?

Most good quality gaming desks can hold up to 400kg of weight. Wooden gaming desks can usually hold up to 68kg. Gaming desks made of certain materials, such as metal, can hold up much more weight than average ones. It’s always a good idea to invest in a durable and high-quality gaming desk.