Please note that our warranty only covers the board itself and not the accessories it comes with. 

All 3 paddle boards in our range are covered by this warranty. This warranty does not cover any other products sold by EZ Shopper.

  • Warranty is valid for 6 months from date of purchase.
  • You must provide your proof of purchase, and the warranty request must be from the original registered buyer.
  • Warranty only applies to products purchased through the EZ Shopper website ( and not through any re sellers (eg Amazon / eBay) or through other merchants.
  • Warranty is provided by EZ Shopper Ltd as a retailer, and not a manufacturer. Therefore it is only valid for purchases from our online store, and is not valid if the board is purchased, leased or gifted through 3rd parties, and is only valid when used by the original purchaser from the EZ Shopper website.
  • We will request further details and evidence of the issue, and will try to help rectify the issue before issuing any replacement parts of units. If no evidence is supplied, we reserve the right to not issue any replacement or refund.
  • This warranty in no way covers products which are accidentally damaged or have been subjected to beyond normal wear and tear, or have punctures which are clearly the result of misuse. 
  • This warranty covers boards used for personal use only. EZ Shopper paddle boards are not designed for commercial use including leasing and hire, and so this use does not fall within the terminology of “fit for purpose” if used in this manner.
  • We will follow this process when dealing with defective items under the warranty:
    • Identify the problem through evidence (photos and videos) and discussion with the customer.
    • If the issue cannot be resolved, we will first advise of use of the supplied repair kit, which must first be used before any replacements will be sent.
    • If you cannot use the repair kit yourself, we will request that the board is returned to us and we will attempt a repair using a repair kit.
    • If spare parts or the repair kit cannot resolve the problem, we will aim to send you a new unit in full. Please note that this may be a different unit to the one you purchased as our range will change over time.
    • If we cannot offer a suitable alternative, we will offer you a refund.

Warranty claims should be registered by emailing with your proof of purchase and full details of any issues including photo / video evidence for warranty claims.