Alternatives to the Cornex Gaming Desk

Cornex gaming desk
The Cornex gaming desk from Argos provides a generous space for an entire gaming setup. From two large monitors to extra accessories and consoles for gaming, you will end up with more storage space and shelves than you may even need. These features along with a stylish design make the Cornex gaming desk a pretty good deal for gamers but is it really worth it? 
A computer gaming desk may be used for long hours of gaming and you’d want to keep all your essentials close to you. Cornex gaming desk caters to the need for space but there are other major features that it has left out, such as height adjustment. Along with that, if you’ve got a limited space then finding a decent corner for the Cornex gaming desk might become a challenge. 
So what other computer gaming desk options are out there that you should consider? Our extensive research on gaming desks might help you find an alternative to the Cornex gaming desk or even something better!

Alternatives to the Cornex Gaming Desk

1. Bush Furniture Somerset L Shaped Desk

Bush Furniture Somerset L Shaped Desk
This elegant desk is all about storage and is the closest match to Cornex gaming desk. If you’ve got good space in your room, then the Bush L Shaped desk is perfect for gaming as well as a home office.  
Among the many reasons you would want to get the Bush Somerset L Shaped Desk, one important feature is its large surface of 72w where you can easily place multiple monitors, keyboards, mouse, speakers and more accessories. It comes with a pull-out keyboard tray that you can use even while standing, adjustable shelves, tapered leg accents and high capacity fixed shelves. 
You also get to choose among 7 different finishes which make it easy to customize to your preference.

2. Cubiker Computer Home Office Desk

Cubiker Computer Home Office Desk
Got a small space but still need a little storage in your gaming desk? The Cubiker rectangular-shaped computer gaming desk has a minimalistic style, strong metal frame, top and bottom shelves, all of which make it a great choice for gamers who also need to work from home. 
The Cubiker desk can be used for multiple purposes and is very easy to assemble alone. When compared to the Cornex gaming desk, the Cubiker may not offer as many storages and drawer features but still is spacious enough to fit two monitors side by side. 

3. GreenForest L Shaped Desk

Green forest L shaped desk

As a pro gamer, you’d always prefer gaming desks over other types of study or work desks. This is where the GreenForest L Shaped desk steps in with its true gaming appeal and a large space to fit more than two or even three screens, allowing pro gamers to upgrade to an exclusive experience. 
You get plenty of desk and leg space for maximum comfort. The L-shaped design is all about extending your gaming zone and a chance to add much more gaming equipment to your setup. 

4. EZ Gaming Desk – Carbon Edition

EZ Gaming Desk - Carbon Edition
For gamers who lose track of time and spend all their day sitting in a chair and torturing their back, the EZ gaming desk is the perfect solution. We can’t stress enough how important it is to have a desk that can be adjusted to your height and can easily switch between sitting and standing positions. The EZ gaming desk opens up a world of opportunities with its fantastic features and is definitely worth your money. We love the fact that the entire surface of the EZ desk is covered with a carbon fibre finish that adds to its lightweight characteristics.
The purpose of the EZ gaming desk is to provide you with an ergonomic feel, better use of space, a comfortable and enjoyable gaming experience. 

Cornex Gaming Desk Vs EZ Gaming Desk – Carbon Edition; Which is Better?

One of the features of a gaming desk that makes a big difference in choosing the right one for you is its option to turning into a standing desk when required. Most gamers fail to focus on crucial factors like the height adjustment of the desks that later become a stress to their posture while playing for a long time. The EZ standing desk enhances focus and engagement for the player while eliminating physical discomfort. Sadly, the Cornex gaming desk does not allow users to adjust the height, instead, compels the gamers to rely on a flexible gaming chair to do the work. 

Even though the Cornex gaming desk allows multiple storage options, the desk takes up a lot of space and for some, it may feel cluttered. The EZ gaming desk keeps it simple and easy, so gamers can only focus on winning their battles, not clearing the mess on the table. 

At present, the Argos Home Cornex gaming desk is £160 while the EZ gaming desk – Carbon edition costs £229 at a discounted price. If you’re willing to spend a little more on a desk that supports your back, is much more functional, easy to set up and has a less bulky appearance, you know the answer.

Frequently Asked Questions


What makes a gaming desk good?

Gamers need extra comfort for long hours of playing. A good gaming desk will offer height adjustment features, large desk space, additional shelves or extensions to place accessories and would be made with great quality material for lasting through many years of use.

How can I make my standing desk more comfortable?

i. Always adjust your standing desk to your elbows’ height.

ii. Keep your neck tall and your shoulders relaxed.

iii. Don’t lock your knees while standing.

iv. Keep your screen at eye level.

v. Keep your wrists straight and parallel to the desk surface.

vi. Don’t stand for too long.

What’s the difference between a gaming desk and a regular desk?

Gaming desks are specially designed desks for gamers that comes with unique features to enhance the playing experience for the gamer. On the other hand, regular desks are designed for a single monitor or laptop, file storage options or limited features that cater to office work rather than gaming.

How effective are standing desks?

Standing desks seem to help ease back pain which is why it’s much recommended by health experts. The standing features allow room for more productivity, which means you will be able to get more work done without having to go through excruciating backache.