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Our EZ Board range has been carefully designed and tested by our paddle boarding enthusiasts in the UK. Our intention is to make paddle boarding accessible for all and to provide quality boards at great prices. As with all products on EZ Shopper, we work directly with our factories to cut out the middle man and keep our prices low.


All our EZ Boards are made from high quality PVC which is drop stitched for strength and durability. Side rails are double layered for extra protection against knocks in the water.



Every EZ Board comes with everything you need to get started on the water. Inside the box you’ll find a pump, leash, repair kit, transportation backpack and full instructions for use.



Our SUPs are designed to be as thin as possible whilst ensuring the board is rigid enough for the user weight. This way, the centre of gravity of the user remains as low as possible in the water for optimum stability. For example, our 9′ board is only 4″ thick, suitable for those up to 60kg, whereas our 10.6′ board is 6″ thick, which gives it all the stability it needs for heavier users.



Our EVA non-slip deck is glued to the board using extra strong adhesive. It’s designed to give you maximum grip on the board, whilst ensuring that you’ve got a comfortable, padded surface to rest your knees.



Our paddle boards are all compact when folded away and come with a handy backpack for transportation to and from the water.



Don’t be fooled by more expensive paddle boards which are two, three, or four times the price as ours. We’re still sure you can enjoy paddle boarding on a budget board and just because ours is cheaper doesn’t mean that you won’t be getting a high quality, long lasting product.

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Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddle Boards

10.6 foot Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddle Board | EZ Board

£349.99 £299.99
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Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddle Boards

9 foot Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddle Board | EZ Board

£299.99 £249.99