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EZ Shopper Weight Plates and Olympic Plates Value Range

Here at EZ Shopper we've done our upmost to bring you the best value weight plates and olympic plates you'll find in the UK. We strive to deliver value to our customers whilst ensuring that our products are made from top quality materials and are built to last. We hope you will agree too.

Shop for a great value weight plate or olympic plate to in addition to one of our full length barbells to complete your home gym setup and be the envy of all your mates. For the full package, purchase one of our value squat cages so you can complete heavy squats without needing to leave home. Our package deals allow you to save money by purchasing all the gear you need in one go with big discounts.

Why buy weight plates and olympic plates from us?

  • Free UK delivery on all orders over £40 and affordable options on smaller orders
  • Premium materials used in construction which won't let you down during your workout. Our weight plates are cast iron and calibrated for accuracy..
  • Choice of plate type we offer standard cast iron plates in our value range, in addition to rubber coated plates and olympic bumper plates for those who need them. 
  • Package deals are great value options for anyone just getting their home gym set up, we offer big discounts for our home gym packages.



Choosing plates

Using a barbell with olympic plates is a great way to improve your targeted muscular strength in addition to your core strength. There's a reason why competition bodybuilders are often seen in the squat rack loading up the plates.

At EZ Shopper we sell a range of weight plates in our value range, including cast iron painted plates at the cheaper end, rubber coated plates and also olympic plates in the bumper style. Not sure which is for you? Look no further! Note - there's no one size fits all, and at the end of the day for someone starting out, a weight plate is a weight plate...


Traditional Cast Iron Plates

Although these make for a slightly noisier workout, these plates are the cheapest you can buy. They are cast Iron and by their nature are usually exposed to the corrosion unless they are coated, which for the EZ Shopper range is the case. Our value range cast iron plates are coated in grey pain to help avoid corrosion, but just to be safe we state that our plates are really for indoor use only.

Check out our value cast iron plates below, we're sure they are the best value you'll find in the UK with next day delivery. Coming soon!


Rubber Coated Cast Iron Plates

Slightly more expensive than cast iron plates, rubber coated plates are still typically made from cast iron on the inside, but have a rubber coating which helps protect them from the elements and are a bit quieter to use when working out. Rubber plates are pretty long lasting, but pick up scuffs quickly. They are typically slightly more expensive than simple cast iron plates. 

You'll find rubber coated plates in the EZ Shopper value range below with next day delivery. Coming soon!


Olympic Plates - Bumper Plates

Olympic plates are also known as bumper plates. These became popular with the CrossFit movement but are equally useful for those who will be lifting heavier weights and particularly where weights are likely to be dropped on the floor. The bumper plates are all the same size, shape and diameter and so the load is dropped evenly across all plates, whereas this is not always the case with traditional and rubber coated plates which vary in size with the weight. Bumper plates have the added bonus of being even quieter than the other plates when picking up, putting down and dropping the bar. Olympic plates are typically the most expensive type of weight plates.

Check out our range of value bumper olympic plates in our EZ Shopper range below with next day delivery. Coming Soon!