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EZ Shopper Power Bag Value Range

Here at EZ Shopper we've done our upmost to bring you the best value weight plates and olympic plates you'll find in the UK. We strive to deliver value to our customers whilst ensuring that our products are made from top quality materials and are built to last. We hope you will agree too.

Shop for a great value power bag to compliment your home gym setup, for beginner exercises and for mastering the squat. For the full home gym package, and for progressing onto heavier movements, consider purchasing one of our value squat cages so you can complete heavy squats without needing to leave home. Our package deals allow you to save money by purchasing all the gear you need in one go with big discounts.

Why buy Power Bags from us?

  • Free UK delivery on all orders over £40 and affordable options on smaller orders
  • Premium materials used in construction which won't let you down during your workout. Our power bags are built to last from tough materials.
  • Range of weights available from 5kg to 25kg, for all fitness levels and for different muscle groups. 
  • Package deals are great value options for anyone just getting their home gym set up, we offer big discounts for our home gym packages.



Power Bag Workouts

Power bags are a very versatile addition to your home gym range to help you carry out a range of exercises targeting the whole body. As they are filled with sand for weight, as the sand moves in the bag, so does your centre of gravity. The bags are great not only for strength but also for training your balance and your core.

At EZ Shopper we sell a range of power bags from 5kg to 25kg. All our bags are built with high quality materials and are calibrated to ensure they are weighted accurately.