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EZ Shopper Value Kettlebells Range

Here at EZ Shopper we've done our upmost to bring you the best cheap kettlebells in the UK. We strive to deliver value to our customers whilst ensuring that our products are made from top quality materials and are built to last.

Shop for a great value single kettlebell to help you complete a diverse home workout, or buy one of our cheap kettlebell sets to help conquer your home fitness goals.

Why buy a Kettlebell from us?

  • Free UK delivery on all orders over £40 and affordable options on smaller orders
  • Premium materials used in construction for comfort during your workout. Our Kettlebells are finished in PE coating for soft touch.
  • Double colour design gives distinctive and easily identifiable look to the kettlebells when purchased as part of our range. 



Benefits of Kettlebell Workouts

Kettlebells are a great way to give your body a targeted and diverse, all over workout. It's important that you choose the correct weight kettlebell for you needs and this is why at EZ Shopper we always recommend buying a range of kettlebell weights, as different movements will require different levels of strength. It's also a great idea to gradually increase the intensity of your workout to build strength. 

1. Help build muscular strength and endurance

Through targeted and diverse strength workouts, you can use kettlebells to effectively target most of the body's muscle groups.

2. Give yourself a cardio workout and break a sweat

It's not just your muscles that will benefit from a kettlebell workout. Your heart rate will increase and help your body to build cardiovascular fitness, improving your endurance and general health.

3. Burn fat fast

Combined fat burning cardio and muscular strength training is a sure fire combination to burn fat fast.

4. Build an iron grip

A strong grip isn't just useful for arm wrestlers, its great for lower arm strength and general sports activities. The kettlebell is a great tool for building your grip strength.

5. Master the kettlebell swing

The famous kettlebell swing, performed a few times per week, will help build a strong and great looking back side. All the right muscles are worked and toned to help your give you legs the look you've been craving for.

6. An all round, simplified workout

Kettlebells are a simple way to work out your entire body in a short space of time. Purchase a set of different weight kettlebells to allow you to work all the main muscle groups. You don't need to visit the gym or buy expensive machines to achieve the results you've been looking for.